Cleanline® Sticky Mats, Peel-Off Sheets, Numbered Corners, 36" x 36"

Cleanline® Sticky Mats, Peel-Off Sheets, Numbered Corners, 24" x 36". Clear Sheets over Colored Bottom. Different Tack Leves, Blue, White & Gray Colors, Quantities vary by color and case - See Packaging Below.


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SKU Color UOM Pkg Price Qty
3636G430 Gray CS 30sht/pad - 4pad/cs
3636B430 Blue CS 30sht/pad - 4pad/cs
3636W430 White CS 30sht/pad - 4pad/cs
3636B430HT Blue HT CS 30sht/pad - 4pad/cs
3636W460 White CS 60sht/pad - 4pad/cs
3636BB460 Blue on Blue CS 60sht/pad - 4pad/cs

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Used in controlled environments, sticky mats (aka tacky or adhesive mats) are a stack of sheets of polyethylene film, with a specially treated pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and a colored sheet on the bottom. With the adhesive side facing up, when person walks on the mat entering a cleanroom or controlled environment, the tacky mat removes contamination such as dirt, dust, or foreign particles on shoe heels and soles. When a sheet becomes loaded with contamination, it is peeled off, exposing a new clean sheet. The numbers in the corner indicate the remaining number of sheets left.

Sticky Mats are used in a variety of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, military, food, hospitals, and many others. They can even be used in a house or garage.

Some mats have a "High Tack" level. This means they are "stickier" than a medium tack level, which is the standard tack level. High Tack mats are indicated by an " HT" in the part #.

Some mats have colored peel-off sheets rather than clear. This is typically indicated by two letters in the part #. BB means Blue on Blue. WW means White on White... etc.

Manufacturer CEEC
Manufacturer Part No. 3636
MSDS Sheet No
Color NA
Packaging Packaging Varies

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